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Corey Coverstone

6 Way Coordination Drum Lesson Video & PDF Bundle

6 Way Coordination Drum Lesson Video & PDF Bundle

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This will tighten up your playing like nobody's business and could very well be the only coordination exercise you'll EVER need! This 6 Way Coordination Video & PDF drum lesson bundle has been an essential exercise for me. Here I have condensed everything into one nice little bundle for you. Through the detailed video lesson and accompanying PDF, you'll use all 4 limbs in every combination and learn to keep multiple rhythms and patterns happening simultaneously, while eliminating flams, smoothing out hidden coordination fumble points, and how to apply it all to GROOVES- The most important part of what we do. 

This download contains- 

- a 37 minute video lesson containing detailed explanations, demonstrations and tips. Video shot in 4k ultra HD, and recorded in a professional studio. 

- a 4 page PDF document, that shows you the basic outline of the exercise written out in it's entirety, as well as a go-to reference sheet for quick reference of the exercise and the more advanced steps of the exercise. 

This lesson uses practical and useful patterns to launch into intermediate and advanced coordination development. 

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